Shaka Zulu African Figurine Bronze Sculpture

Shaka Zulu African Figurine Bronze Sculpture

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Shaka Zulu African Figurine Bronze Sculpture

Height = 35cm (13,8in)

The range of cold cast Bronze figurines and colour figurines are true reproductions of the native people of Africa. Each figurine is crafted on a bonded limestone core with all finishing details expertly done by hand. Cold cast figurines are all coated in a thin layer of cold cast bronze while the colour figurines are all painstakingly detailed with enamelling.

Cold – Cast bronze is made by mixing real bronze powder with a bonding paste and applying this to the surface of the figurine. This coat of real bronze is then burnished to a sheen.

Each figurine includes a captivating story card of interesting tribal customs and information.

King Shaka is one of the greatest South African legends. Born in 1787 he became the ultimate African warrior-king. One of the most successful of Shaka’s great battle tactics was the fighting formation he devised called the `horns of the buffalo`, a clever method of ambush. Shaka was assassinated in 1828 by his half brother Dingaan, who had contested the throne.