Elephant Bronze Sculpture - Akilah

Elephant Bronze Sculpture - Akilah

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Elephant Bronze Sculpture - Akilah: Height – 29cm (11,4in) Length – 43cm (17in) 

All our cold – cast bronze animals are made using superior quality manufacturing methods and materials, to give each piece the look and feel of a proper bronze sculpture, but at a lower price.
Our attention to detail and expert workmanship ensures that each item is quality crafted by hand to offer years of enjoyment.

Complete with its own captivating story card, each sculpture is a fascinating portrayal of our interesting and unique African wildlife heritage.

Akilah means `Intelligent one` in Swahili. There is a structured social order in the elephant’s lifestyle. The females spend their entire lives in tight family groups made up of mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and daughters. The eldest female normally leads the group. Adult males prefer to live a bachelor lifestyle.