Elephant Knot Bracelet - Leopard - 3 Rose Gold Strand with 4 Rose Gold Knots

Elephant Knot Bracelet - Leopard - 3 Rose Gold Strand with 4 Rose Gold Knots

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Elephant Knot Bracelet -Leopard - 3 Rose Gold Strand with 4 Rose Gold Knots

Elephant Hair Bracelets are famous in Africa.

People here believe that these bangles bring them luck. They also believe that whoever wears this kind of bangle will be blessed with health, love, prosperity and progress.

The first knot of the elephant hair bangle represent the earth which signifies fertility and the ancestors. The second knot represents nature which signifies the spirits and  the forces. Therefore, it is believed to create a balance between nature and earth. 

The movements from the knots along the cord signify the forces of nature and represents continual evolution. It is, as a result, believed to help bring strength, good luck, and fortune to the wearer of the bangle.


14/20 Gold-filled wire is a tube of 14k Gold that is bonded by heat and pressure onto a core of jewellers brass.

Once bonded, the result is a tube of very strong and durable wire which is resistant to tarnishing because of its thick gold bond covering. Do not mistake gold-filled wire as being the same or similar to gold plate. Gold-filled wire is considered a precious alternative to the very expensive solid gold. 14k Gold-filled jewellery is 100 times thicker than gold plated jewellery. Be confident, when you purchase an item made with gold-filled wire, that you are investing in a high-quality piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime with the proper care. 

Production Time: 




Open diameter 7.5cm-8cm

Closed diameter (at its tightest) 6.5cm

Open circumference 24cm

Closed circumference 20cm-20.5cm



Open diameter 6.5cm-7cm

Closed diameter (at is tightest) 5.5cm

Open circumference 21cm

Closed circumference 17cm-17.5cm


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